Help with GUI Translations - Become Translator

Step 1: Preparing

You will need this program
Zeta Resource Editor, can be downloaded for free:

And also you will need resx file, Main one, which is last version of English version and new or existing one for your lang version.

If you creating new language file, for language translation which does not exist before, be sure to called it appropriate way with 2 characters for it, few examples:
  • Russian - ru
  • Brazilian - pt-BR
  • Danish - da
If you not sure what is your language code, you can check it here:

Step 2: Starting to Edit

Open Program Zeta Resource Editor:

1. Create New Project

Enter project name, for example GoldBoss and path, where all files will be stored

Download last version english file for Project: you can see links below, tho
i strongly recommend to contact me on HB Forum or Skype to get 100% actual version, as links below can be outdated.

2. Adding Main English resx. file

Add existing GUI.resx file to group, which is Main English file.

Then, Choose file from your PC location.

3. Creating new language File

In case you already have your language file - you just need to update it, skip this step.

Right click on Group name
GUI and choose "Create new file for language".

Reference language should be always default - English (en-us), this is link to our Main language - English file GUI.resx

Than choose New language from list, you will see it will auto create appropriate file name with 2 letter Acronyms for your language.

In example it is cs for Czech language.

Hit OK.

4. Adding Existing Language file for Translation

Right click on Group name GUI, and choose "Add files to file group".

Choose file we created or existing one you downloaded for update, which is in example GUI.cs.resx.

5. Configure layout.

Now to see our grid which contains 2 languages:
  1. Main - english language
  2. Our language for translation, in our example it's Czech.
We need to first press reset layout button.

Than you will see all space to right side on program will be empty.

To fix this - double click on group name GUI.

After it you should see 3 column grid:
  1. First column - Name -  you do not need, it's parameter system name, should not be changed.
  2. Second column - English (en-US) -  text for current string, original string you need to translate.
  3. Third column - Your translation for language, in our example it's Czech (cs).
In case you starting translation for new language, it will be empty.

6. Making translation

Now you prepared to make your own translation.

Tip #1: Try to make your translation text not longer than English original string, than you can be sure it will fit in GUI.

Tip #2: When you doing Translation - open GUI to see which exact line its in GUI for better understanding which translation to use.

When all strings are filled and edited (in case of updating language), you are done, congrats! (づ.◕‿‿◕.)づ・。*。✧・゜゜・。✧。*・゜゜・✧。・ ゜゜・

To fishing work, press save all files.

7. Sending Translation to Alisha

  • If you Have skype: PM me on HB Forum with your skype name, so i can add you to skype - best way for communications.
  • If you do not have skype: PM me on HB Forum and with message, where write your BuddyStore login name and link to download your translated language file, so i can add you to beta where you can test your translation in GUI before it will be added to release version.

Actual Files for Translation

  1. GoldBoss
  2. FishingMaster
  3. JadyMonk
  4. KittyDru

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